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The Farrar Law Firm & Mediation Group offers to you 30 years of legal experience in Family Law and Personal Injury.  These two area os the law our very complex and require the experience that we have to offer.  

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Real Estate

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Foreclosure Help from Experienced Real Estate Attorneys in Pensacola, Florida Pensacola Attorneys handling Foreclosures

In today environment a lot of homeowners are finding it more difficult to stay current on their mortgage payments. If you fail to make your mortgage payments, your bank or lender may issue a Notice of Default against you. This is a legal notice that you were late in making your mortgage payment and that legal action may be taken. If you continue to be delinquent, the bank or lender may repossess your home.

This legal proceeding is known as a foreclosure, and will result in the loss of your home, additional foreclosure fees, legal fees, and possibly a deficiency judgment if your outstanding liens exceed the current value of your home. If you find yourself in the position your should contact our knowledge and experienced real estate attorneys at (850) 434-8904. The foreclosure process usually goes something like this:

If you lose your job, or are temporarily laid off and fall behind on your mortgage payments. As overwhelming as these problems are the Mortgage Company or lender unfortunately will not see these as valid reasons for missing your mortgage payment.

Once you miss your first payment, the bank or lender will send you late notice, which may be followed by a representative from the mortgage company or lender may call you. The Mortgage Company or lender may discuss what none as a forbearance plan with you is to in order to resolve the missed payment and to get you back on track. A forbearance plan is a special payment plan the mortgage company or lender sets up with the you to either lower your payments or suspend your payments to ease the repayment of the loan.

Another option is the mortgage company or lender may also discuss with you about refinancing your loan to terms that make your payments more affordable to allow you to get back on a firm financial standing.

Be aware that you cannot ignore your Mortgage Company or lender, and continue to avoid paying your mortgage. If you do ignore the first letter and telephone calls the mortgage company or lender will send you another letter that will show you are now 60-day late, and then followed by a 90-day late notice.

By the time your loan is 90 days or 3 months past due, the Mortgage Company or lender will place a Notice of Default against you that essentially states that you have 30 days to make all of your payments current, appear in court, or face the risk of a foreclosure.

There are steps that our Pensacola real estate law firm can do to assist you with this process. Do not lose your home.


1031 Exchanges, How They Work

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Homeowners Insurance

The Farrar Law Firm is composed of members of our community that have suffered alongside every member of our community during the previous hurricane seasons. We make it a priority to help victims handle claims against their homeowners' insurance carriers.

We have over 20 years of experience in fighting for homeowners' rights in the wake of hurricanes, fires and other disasters. Gregory Farrar, at the Pensacola law firm has handled homeowners’ claims including hurricane cases. We know that homeowners' insurance is complicated intentionally and we can help you comprehend and sort through wind claims, fire claims and flood claims.

If you did not feel that you were not treated fairly by your insurance company contact our Pensacola law firm at (850) 434-8904 to pursue a bad-faith claim against your insurance carrier


Homeowners Association Rules

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