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Post Judgment

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Contempt is one of the most extreme remedies available to the Florida courts. If a party is held in contempt of a court order (such as, for example, to pay child support or provide visitation), the court has the power to punish the violator with a fine, jail time, or both.

Clearly, these are severe remedies, reserved for the most flagrant of violators. In order to request that a party be held in contempt, the attorney requesting it must meet a great deal of technical requirements. These are the most detailed motions that a family law attorney can bring, since the accused party can lose his or her freedom. It is essential, therefore, that any lawyer bringing a contempt motion be well trained and experienced in these matters, since even a small technical defect can cause the motion to fail. At Farrar Law Firm, we take these motions very seriously.

For more information about the law affecting other family law areas in Florida, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Post Judgment Enforcement Contempt

A Post Judgment Enforcement/Contempt Action is taken when one party in the divorce accuses the ex-spouse of failing to meet the conditions set forth in the divorce decree by the Judge in Escambia and Santa Rosa County. This happens to frequently today and you need an experienced divorce attorney to discuss your situation with an experienced family law attorney. Has Your Former Spouse Violated Your Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage?

You need our expertise and advice if your former spouse is breaking the terms of your divorce decree.

  • Your former spouse is not paying alimony as ordered by your divorce decree
  • Your former spouse is not paying child support as ordered by your divorce decree
  • Your former spouse is not allowing you access or limiting your visitation schedule with your child. You need are experienced and aggressive family law attorneys to force your former spouse to fulfill your child custody orders issued by the family law courts in Escambia and Santa Rosa County
  • Your former spouse sold your former marital home and did not turn over your portion of the assets as ordered in final judgment of dissolution of marriage

Have You Been Accused of Violating Your Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage?

You need our expertise of our divorce attorneys with over 20 years experience if your former spouse is falsely accusing you of breaking the terms of your final judgment of dissolution of marriage. There are a variety of legal solutions available to divorced parents.

Contact our firm to schedule a free initial consultation regarding a post judgment enforcement/contempt matter that is affecting your family.


Post Judgment Modifications

As family law divorce attorneys in Pensacola for the past 20 years we have been involved with clients that had circumstances change following their divorce. If you need an experienced aggressive attorney that can assist you with a post judgment modification change or avoidance after your divorce then contact us. Lives and needs change, post judgment modification can include:

  • If your ex-spouse has an increase in their income
  • If your former spouse has a decrease in income due to job loss, a medical condition or remarriage
  • If one of the parent wishes to relocate to another town or state, change the child custody or visitation arrangements to match demands of a different job or a change in your martial life
  • If one parent wishes to have more time with their child

When you need an aggressive and experienced attorney fighting for you then contact our family law attorneys for a consultation and advise on how best to handle your post judgment modification contact our firm.