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Questions Every Couple Should Ask Each Other Prior to Getting Married.

Alexander Farrar


With it so easy to get married today and not as easy to get divorce, we recommend that you ask your potential spouse the following questions prior to getting married.  Our firm has been doing divorces for the past 28 years and it is an extremely painful event for both parties to endure.

So have the conversation now before you get married!

1. Do you have any fears, anxieties or concerns regarding talking to each other and negotiating a prenuptial agreement? What are they?

2. Have you had any arguments or conflicts in your relationship so far? What happens when you do that you wish would happen differently?

3. What is one thing the other person could do or say that would help you communicate better when you have a disagreement?

4. Are there any ground rules you would like to propose for future conflicts and disagreements with each other?

5. What words or phrases would both use to describe the kind of relationship you both most want to have with each other?

6. How should we handle issues concerning money?  

7. What would you like to have happen, once were are married, with respect to these issues: Property or investments you acquired before you were married? Property or investments you will acquire after your marriage? How you will pay for your joint living expenses? How to take care of children you already have or may have? How to take care of family members who may need assistance? How to handle illness, old age and retirement?

8. What would you like to happen in the event that either of you dies or is seriously injured while you are married?

9. What would you like to happen if you decide to separate or divorce? What would you most like to avoid? How would you like to feel about each other?

10. Do you want to place any pre-conditions on the payment of support, or the distribution of property and debts if that were to happen?

If you decide that you need a prenuptial agreement prior to your marriage or would like to discuss any of your answers prior to your marriage, feel free to contact (850) 434-8904our office to discuss the legal aspects of these questions.