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The Farrar Law Firm & Mediation Group offers to you 30 years of legal experience in Family Law and Personal Injury.  These two area os the law our very complex and require the experience that we have to offer.  

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A Divorce Attorney Has Seen the Light

Alexander Farrar


Greg Farrar at the Farrar law firm and mediation group are on a mission to help couples who are struggling with the specter of divorce to achieve either reconciliation of their marriage or conciliation for the betterment of their lives and for their children's lives.  Greg has practiced for over 30 years in matrimonial and family law matters in North West Florida and he has seen the devastation which has occurred due to divorce.

"Too often families facing marital difficulties have so few options available to them and with so little opportunity for encouragement to figure out ways to save their marriage-- the sad statistic is that over one half of marriages end in divorce. And an even sadder fact is the number of people getting married at all has declined as couples see no reason why they should marry given the fact that marriage has been reduced to a mere piece of paper." 

"Our society has reduced and or attacked the marriage concept to a point where it is a pre-conceived notion by most people who marry that it is likely their marriage will end in divorce.  If you plan to fail you undoubtedly will." Greg said.

"Our mediation program starts with the question that is typically never asked-- can this marriage be saved?"  We give a married couple an opportunity to explore the reasons why they are considering divorce and coming up with their own personal plan to either reconcile or find conciliation over the issues which may have disrupted their lives. Mediation clearly is the most effective means for resolving these very personal and emotional issues. We have taken the mediation concept and process and expanded it to include other portions of people's lives that typically are not discussed in a legal or mediation setting.

The end result is we hope couples either save their marriage or in the alternative can deal with the aftermath with integrity and respect for each other. We are a full-service law firm an offer a variety of legal and mediation services. Contact our office at (850) 434-8904 or